The farm


Our productive farm, “La Rinconada“, extension of 6500 hectares, of which 350 hectares are productive, is located on Provincial Route No. 1, km 64,  Department of Ambato in the province of Catamarca, in the north-west of the Argentine Republic.

The geography of the area and a xeric microclimate, allow its products to be fresher and more natural. These conditions reduce the use of agrochemicals to a minimum level, and achieve an export first to the European market, making this their Competitive Advantage.

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    Frutos del Cerro has an operational extension of 350 ha.
    It has small plants, which facilitate mechanized work such as pneumatic pruning and automotive harvesting.

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    Walnuts have an average of 8 years of development, improving their productivity day by day.
    The irrigation system used is drip and micro spray.

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    The location of the Process Plant in Origin, guarantees that the average temperature and humidity are indicated at the time of harvest of the nut.